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Emotions Drive Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

The brain is a complex organ, and science has compartmentalized where different parts of the brain activate and stimulate different human memories, actions, and attributes.

Generally speaking, the Cerebral (Prefrontal) Cortex is where words, reasoning, language, and planning come from. It’s the part of the brain where consumers understand what a business or product does and how they do it.

The deeper part of the brain – the Amygdala and Hippocampus – are the areas where long term memory and emotion live. These are the more powerful drivers of action and activity – buying with your heart versus your head.

This is where all brands want to communicate – at a deeper level of intent and consideration, touching the emotional hot buttons of their readers.

Areas of the Brain

To learn how the brain responds to reading tactile print vs. digital copy and to understand the impact it has on your customers’ decision making, download a copy of the e-book How Print Marketing Lights Up Your Customer’s Brain For More Sales below:

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