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Holiday List Ideas: Target Amazon Prime Users and More

The median direct mail response rate for prospect lists was 4.9% in 2018. This is significantly higher than in 2017 and the highest since the report started in 2003 (2018 ANA/DMA Response Rate Report). 

If your business is looking to acquire new customers and capitalize on the massive spending that occurs during the holidays, you may consider securing a prospect mailing list to ensure your direct mail campaign lands in the right mailboxes and is set up for ROI success.

From Amazon Prime subscribers and Cyber Monday shoppers, to many other consumer behavior and demographic options, the list and data experts at Modern can help you find the right prospect list to help launch your Q4 marketing programs. Below are some of the latest list ideas available for the 2019 holiday season.

Holiday List Ideas: Target Amazon Prime Users and More



  • Participates in Halloween Activities
  • Buys Halloween Costumes
  • Decorates Home/Yard for Halloween
  • High Dollar Halloween Spenders
  • Finds Halloween Inspiration Online


  • Cyber Monday Shopper
  • Plans to Cook a Holiday Meal Christmas Day
  • Plans to Eat at a Restaurant Christmas Day
  • Plans to Attend a Movie Christmas Day

While Modern can help you secure a list of prospects based on almost any demographic or interest, consider targeting retail prospects by their unique shopping habits:

  • Amazon Prime subscribers
  • Brand affinities and propensities
  • Early technology adapters
  • Most frequent purchases by product/service category
  • Product ownership and usage
  • Online versus offline shoppers
  • Warehouse club members

Primarily sourced from donations, memberships, newsletters, self-reported data and surveys, these direct mail list selections help nonprofit organizations to identify consumers based on their charitable giving within the last 36 months. If you are looking for a specific donor type or demographic outside of what’s listed below, give us a call and we’ll work to find your ideal contributors.

  • Propensity to donate
  • Average dollars donated
  • Number of charities donated to
  • Total donations made
  • Animal causes
  • Children’s causes
  • Conservative political party causes
  • Environmental causes
  • Health causes
  • Liberal political party causes
  • Political social causes
  • Religious causes
  • Social causes
  • Veteran’s causes

We’ll Find Your Best-Match Prospect List
If any of these list ideas are not the ideal match for your company, no problem. Modern can launch a FREE Customer Profile Report to help identify your best-match customers and find more prospects like them, more likely to purchase from or work with your business.

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