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Postcard Retargeting Best Practice #2 – Focus on the Last Stages of the Buyer Funnel

Focus on the last stages of the buyer funnel.

Like mastering any marketing channel – every marketer needs to figure out what the channel does well, what its “job” is within the customer journey, and how to best leverage the unique aspects of the channel to make the most opportunity possible.

Postcard Retargeting fits right in the stage after a user visits your website, and before they decide to buy.

The prospect has already visited your site, meaning they have gone through the awareness and interest stages and are now considering and comparing you versus your competitors.

In this critical part of the customer journey, your opportunities are most likely going to other websites to discover and reflect on what the differences are, check pricing, and read reviews – which have become the most important part of the decision-making process.

It’s the perfect time to send a postcard reminding them of who you are, what your business stands for, and an offer that brings them back.

What we’ve found with postcard retargeting – across all our customer types – is a consistently high “Return-to-Site Rate.” Let’s unpack that a bit.

Return-to-Site % measures how many people who were mailed a card returned to the site two or more days after the card was sent.

With Modern iO Postcard Retargeting, we measure the number of unique visitors who return, and display that in real time on your dashboard. As one of the first metrics to be reported after a program launches, this is a good indication of if your program is within the ‘average’ rates for your business type.

Return to site % for Market Types

Remember that digital retargeting averages a 0.7%, so in comparison, out of 1,000 visitors, digital retargeting will bring back 7 people. Postcard retargeting, on the other hand, has been bringing back 200+ visitors.

Postcard Retargeting Converts More Website Visitors

We’ve seen high conversion rates and strong performance metrics across the board with different customers from different market spaces. Check out some example case studies out of the hundreds of programs we’ve launched for e-Commerce, Consumer Services, Business-to-Business, and Organizations & NonProfits.

The key to focusing on these later stages is a strong call to action, and a compelling offer. Make it easy for the user to look at the card, keep it on their table or fridge, and then refer to it when they go back to your website with an intent to move forward – either exploring more before filling out a lead form, or going in with a purchase. Once that user makes that action, the job of the card is complete.

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