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Select All Unread Emails… and Delete

​When I get into the office each morning, I pop open my email first. Automatically, I select all unread emails. I scan the list, usually about 15-30 messages, in about 10 seconds or less. If something is work-related or catches my eye, I de-select it. Otherwise, I delete the whole bunch and get on with my day.

When I get home in the evening, I grab the mail and put it on the coffee table. I let the dogs out, change out of work clothes, grab a beer and plop down on the couch. Then I will look through all the mail, even the grocery store flyers, and usually toss the pile back onto the coffee table for my better half to look through.

I repeat this routine daily.

So, how would you like to deliver your marketing message to me?

By Modern Postcard

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