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Unlimited Options: Creating Custom Direct Mail

Print advertising is a versatile medium that differs from other forms of advertising in one interesting way: your customers can physically touch and interact with your ad.

While we offer many high-quality products that are proven to be effective, sometimes your campaign requires a more tailored option. From accentuating an image with a touch of shine to adding a perf to make it easy to remove coupons, there are limitless ways to get creative with your print or mail campaign.


Bestsellers like our Sumo Size Postcard are popular because of the space it offers and the fact that it’s the largest format to mail at letter rate postage. While standard products and formats can hold their own in terms of success, you may have a design in mind that’s more creative or distinct. Perhaps you want recipients to interact with your mailer via unique folds, tip-ins or tear-offs. Or, maybe you’d like to create an interesting shape that visually complements your messaging. Learn more about Modern’s popular format options below.

Modern Postcard's custom quad fold postcard.

1. Coupon Perforations
If you’re sending a mail piece with offers to a large household or a business, you may want a way for individuals to pick the deals they like without bringing in the entire mail piece. Each coupon perforation can have its own unique promo code, enabling you to track offers that performed best and which locations used the most offers.

2. Alternative Shapes and Folds
Your printed handout or mailer can take many forms and creating custom ways for it to fold and unfold gives you fun design opportunities. A restaurant, for example, could use a cross fold to preview menu items with accompanying visuals on the side. When thinking of your own design, consider how a custom fold could help you better communicate your message, and keep your recipients engaged.

3. Die Cuts
Another interesting option is creating a custom die cut design which gives your print piece dimension and interactivity. You can create shapes for customers to pop out and build, or create a custom die that aligns with your product offer. For example, if you own a flower shop, you could design a beautiful die-cut shaped rose and include a special offer on the back.


We have a variety of print capabilities and finishing options to cater to just about every style. As well as ensuring the highest print quality, we can also add special effects to your printed piece to give them a unique flourish.

Creating a custom direct mail piece.

1. Gloss and Matte Finish
From luxury brands to natural landscapes, adding a gloss finish can create an elevated look that boasts quality. Equally, a matte finish can offer a sleek, yet professional aesthetic. There’s no wrong choice, it’s just whichever you feel fits your brand and particular marketing promotion the best.

2. Specialty Coatings
Maybe you want to accentuate a specific word, or perhaps there’s a graphic you want to literally shine. Specialty coatings such as gloss, glitter and foil can create special effects to your printed piece for added wow factor and increased engagement time.

3. Lamination
Great for evergreen handouts and prints that need to last, our lamination services ensure a clean cover from top to bottom.


Giving your print promotions a tactile effect can be a fun way to elevate the design and messaging. Whether you want your recipients to play a game or you want to provide something practical, these options allow you to do it.

1. Scratch-Offs
If you want to give people a random offer or just include a fun element of surprise, scratch-offs let you add another level of interactivity. It changes the mentality of just receiving another offer to making the recipient feel like they “won” an offer.

2. Embossing
From food to mountain ranges, giving your mailer or handout an elevated dimensional look can really help things come to life. Embossing your name or logo on your business card can offer you an edge over those typical business card designs without it.

3. Miscellaneous Textures
Of course, maybe you have an idea for something truly unique that requires a special texture. If that’s the case, pitch us the idea and we’ll do everything we can to make it work.


Bring Your Vision to Life
Modern Postcard offers a variety of print products and custom finishing options to bring just about any idea to life. Tell us your next big idea to see what we can do for you.

By Wendy Batara, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

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