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What Nonprofits Need to Know About Securing USPS Postage Discounts

Modern Postcard has proudly been a long-time supporter of nonprofits by offering strategically-aligned direct marketing products and services, plus a unique pricing structure to help serve those who serve the greater good. To date, our team has made it incredibly simple for nonprofits to effectively promote their causes through tailored print promotions and direct mail marketing.

While all of that sounds great, we now have even better news to share with nonprofit owners and marketers.

Nonprofits that launch direct mail campaigns as part of their marketing strategy should be familiar with nonprofit postage, which is a significantly-discounted postage rate from the United States Postal Service (USPS®). However, in order to be eligible for this discounted postage category, nonprofits must first apply to get a nonprofit authorization number; and second, pass that approved number along to their direct mail vendor to ensure proper discounts are achieved for mailing services.

Taking advantage of postage discounts by securing a nonprofit authorization number may sound straightforward, but it often presents a myriad of challenges:

  1. Nonprofit authorization numbers are often confused with nonprofit 501(c)(3) numbers – they are two entirely different numbers that each serve a different purpose
  2. Nonprofit authorization numbers are often misplaced or hard to find if not saved in a central location and communicated thoroughly to multiple employees
  3. During employee turnover or transitions, knowledge of nonprofit authorization numbers often leave with the person(s) that originally applied for the number
  4. Many nonprofits continue working with a direct mail vendor they may not be happy with, all to avoid the awkward conversation of reclaiming their authorization number so they can work with a different vendor

Our Solution 
If a nonprofit authorization number is misplaced, stuck with an un-preferred vendor, or nonexistent, the mailing experts at Modern can help. Our expert team can easily locate these numbers for any nonprofit organization. Plus, if an authorization number is not already on file, our team can guide nonprofits through the application process so they can start saving more money. With this level of service, nonprofit employees can say goodbye to digging through emails, contacting former employees or even that awkward breakup conversation with their current direct mail agency.

Outside of this recent news, Modern continues to work hard at saving nonprofits time and money. Our Direct Marketing Specialists are equipped to suggest the most economical options that maintain the quality and professionalism Modern Postcard is known for, while also keeping the most amount of funds in each nonprofit’s pocket. Here are some popular products that our nonprofit clients have come to value:

  • Postcards and self-mailers are both economical and eye-catching promotional vehicles
  • Remittance envelopes and business reply mailers can be effective in securing donations or pledges
  • Letter packs are known for their high open rate and success in promoting awareness and events
  • Banners and signage are high-quality and critical for visibility when physical locations are involved

We understand that every dollar counts, and since each project and organization is different, give us a call at 800.959.8365 to discuss your next project and how we can help.

By Modern Postcard

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