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Why New Movers are Excellent Direct Mail Prospects

Did you know that on average, consumers spend more than $9,000 on purchases within the first few months following a move*? Your business can reach this first-rate group of prospects with the right mailing list, then reel them in with a killer product or service offer.

If you’re over 18 and living on Planet Earth, you have likely moved at least once in your life. Whether you have moved with family, relocated for college or a new career, or purchased your first home, you have likely experienced an influx of direct mail from local businesses welcoming you to the neighborhood with freebies and too-good-to-ignore discounts. You may have even wondered how these local businesses 1) knew your name and address, 2) knew you just moved into the neighborhood, and 3) were able to reach your new home’s mailbox before you opened it for the first time!

 Why New Movers are Excellent Direct Mail Prospects

The answer to those questions is magic — and by magic, we mean the power of direct mail prospect lists. Savvy businesses and marketers understand that new movers and homeowners are urgently in the market for local resources to make their new home feel more like home. Bars and restaurants, home improvement stores, furniture stores, salons, big retail outlets, gyms…the possibilities for B2C businesses to reach this audience through targeted mailing lists are endless.

These lists are available in a plethora of types, ranging from broad lists that include all addresses within a specific zip code, to very specific lists that are based on move-in date, income, home values, lifestyle choices and everything between. The information for these list types come from a variety of places, such as self-reported survey information, public records and in the new mover’s scenario above, the Post Office! When you submit your official Change Of Address form to the Post Office for mail forwarding services, you end up on a “new mover’s” list.

That is how businesses are able to purchase new movers’ records, then create relevant marketing campaigns around products and services that consumers typically purchase around the time they relocate. Any direct mail campaign that welcomes consumers to the neighborhood with special savings — especially when personalized with Variable Data Printing (VDP) — can turn relocated prospects into life-long customers.

A new mover’s list is just one example of prospect data available for purchase. But if you can dream up your ideal customer, the list services experts at Modern Postcard can most likely locate prospects for you. From dog owners to spa goers, executive decision makers to art collectors, we have access to over 60,000 Specialty Lists, so we are sure we can match you with your best future customers.

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