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Modern’s Top 3 Bestsellers + Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

With over 70 products and limitless custom options in the Modern Postcard line-up, our top 3 bestsellers come as no big surprise. They’re our longest running products that still outperform newer products when it comes to order frequency. Which proves: tried and true works for a reason and is still relevant with customers today.

#1. Standard Postcard (4.25″X6″) The Standard Postcard is our go-to product for clients who simply want to get the word out with a high-quality presentation. It’s been the number one seller since the beginning of Modern Postcard and speaks to our company’s legacy of beautifully printed postcard products.

The Inside Scoop:

  • Qualifies for a postcard stamp, so it’s the most economical product to mail
  • With the right message and call-to-action, it can be just as effective as larger postcards
  • Layout and size best fits campaigns that are short, sweet and to-the-point

#2. Deluxe Postcard (6″X8.5″) The Deluxe Postcard’s size stands out in the mail, making it more noticeable, helping to boost ROI. It’s also our most mailed product and is frequently ordered with 4/4 color on both sides. The larger size is often attractive to clients looking to yield a bigger impact with powerful images, copy and typography.

The Inside Scoop:

  • Best to use when the message isn’t as concise
  • Try including a few coupons for the best results
  • Mails at letter rate, but can qualify for bulk mail postage discounts

Postcard Promotion Ideas:

  • Announce a new product or service
  • Introduce a sale or special event
  • Drive customers to your website
  • Gather info with a Business Reply Mailer
  • Use as handouts for tradeshows or events

#3. Business Cards (2″X3.5″) Business Card orders round out our third place bestselling product, which should not be shocking news, considering how many professionals use contact cards for networking, leave behinds, first impressions, appointments, sales and more! Modern’s Business Cards are an excellent choice for small to large businesses who take pride in quality, branding and putting their best foot forward.

The Inside Scoop:

  • Rigid, high-quality paper stock leaves a lasting impression
  • Choose from multiple unique (and memorable) card choices
  • Convenient as an add-on to an existing order

Business Card Promotion Ideas:

  • Include a coupon or discount code
  • Use as a mini handout to include appointments, schedules or pricing
  • Try Double Business Cards for event tickets or mini table tents
  • Try Triple Business Cards for mini portfolios, calendars, product showcases and more

By Modern Postcard

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