USPS News: Our 2 Cents on Sunday’s Postage Decrease

Marc Ortiz, Mailing Data Manager, Modern Postcard

On April 10, the US experienced a historic event that hasn’t happened for nearly 100 years: the postage rate for a 1oz letter dropped for the first time since 1919! At that time in history, mail was still being delivered by horses in some areas and air transport for mail was brand new.


Geek Out With Us for National Postcard Week

Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications, Modern Postcard

It’s no surprise we stand united as postcard admirers, which is why we’re letting you know National Postcard Week is coming soon. Commencing May 1-7, this unique week celebrates postcard factoids and collectibles. You’re invited to geek out with us as we uncover the history of the postcard. Don’t be square, it’s more fascinating than you think.


USPS News: Upcoming Postage Decrease

The Marketing Team, Modern Postcard

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced that the price of a stamp for a 1oz letter will drop by approximately 2 cents, beginning April 10, 2016. Additionally, a range of postage decreases will affect other USPS mail products, depending on type, size and weight.


The ABCs of Direct Mail Marketing

Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

Studies from the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report prove direct mail outperforms all digital channels by nearly 700% in terms of response rates. If you haven’t integrated direct mail into your marketing mix, now is a great time to graduate to the next level — that is, if you want to drive new business!


16 Proven Techniques for Better Sales Lead Generation with Print Advertising

Mac McIntosh

Creating print ads may seem like a simple branding activity or creative process, but leaving out vital message, image and offer strategies means you are shutting out qualified prospects. Expert in B2B lead generation, Mac McIntosh gives real, must-know advice in making print advertising work hard for your business.


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