Wanted to Take Catalog Sales to New High

Could we squeeze even more sales from our catalogs? We'd been sending them for years with solid results. The mailings also drove customers to our web site and got them to buy. But we were looking for a way to lift response and sales even more, without spending too much. When we took a closer look at our marketing programs, we saw an opportunity: email. Several times a month, we sent marketing email to our customers. These messages also drove traffic to our site and spurred sales. If we used email to support our catalog, we figured we'd generate even more sales.

40% lift when we coordinated e-mail and catalog
So each time we sent a catalog, we created a corresponding email. The email either:

  • announced the catalog's arrival, or
  • reminded a customer who'd already received the mailing to look at it again.
The email then directed readers to the catalog and encouraged them to place orders online. The results have been varied, but consistently good. We see at least a 40% lift in sales whenever we send an email that mentions our catalog. (Peter Shapiro, senior vice president, Lillian Vernon Corp., Rye, NY)


Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
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Malvern, PA 19355

I'm an amateur photographer in Brooklyn. My neighbors love my Brownstone neighborhood photos, and this year I took the leap and started a small greeting card business using my photos! At first, the process seemed intimidating, but the customer service at Modern made it easy. I used the phone and email for help, and everyone was very nice, professional and supportive. The finished product speaks for itself...the cards are gorgeous! I am using them for my personal holiday cards, as well as selling them online and in small local businesses. I can't wait to prepare my second set of photo cards with Modern Postcard.
Edie Hoffmann